Do You Know Hyenas?

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This book, Do You Know Hyenas?, gives a lot of interesting facts about hyenas. I read about how they hunt and what they eat. I also read about all of the different sounds they make – yelps, grunts, growls, howls, screeches, cries and their most common cry that sounds like a crazy laugh. One of the most interesting things about hyenas is that the females dominate the clans. I think that is really neat because most other animals that I have heard about are dominated by the males. Another interesting thing about hyenas is that their back legs are shorter than their front legs which makes them look silly when they are standing and running.

I think this book, Do You Know Hyenas? is a good way to learn about hyenas. It gives a lot of information. Most of the drawings in the book with the cartoon hyenas talking to each other make hyenas seem mean. I don’t like the mean things they say in the book but I know that hyenas don’t really talk or think like that. Hyenas are just wild and do what they need to do to survive. Some of the drawings are funny, like on the page that tells about how hyenas have good vision. The drawings on this page show two hyena cubs playing video games in front of a tv with a controllers that have wires and they are sitting far back. The mom hyena says “Back up, kids! You’re too close to the TV.” and one of the cubs says “Our wires aren’t long enough to back up any further.” That made me laugh.

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Author Alain M. Bergeron, Sampar, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Publish Date 15-Oct-2014
ISBN 9781554553389
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Issue November 2014
Category Tweens


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