Digby O’Day in the Fast Lane

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This book is about a dog, Digby, who’s driving up the mountaintop with his friend Percy, but his car stops working so they almost go off a cliff. But a family helped them get off the cliff. Then they discover that there was a race, and they start to race. Lou Ella had a nice fancy car, and zoomed off in front. Digby and Percy look on the map for a shortcut, but it’s blocked. Lou Ella stopped for a bite to eat and to get some gas, but Digby had to stop to help the family that had helped him, because it was his turn to help. And after that, they could go back on the road. The father of the family told them a shortcut to the finish.

I like this book because it had fun pictures and I liked how most of them were animals. I liked all the different types of cars, but best of all I liked the seals’ car, which was a bathtub! This book was easy to read and it was a funny story with a lot of excitement and lots of action. It will be a fun book for everyone to read.

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Author Clara Vulliamy
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 128 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 26-Aug-2014
ISBN 9780763673697
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Issue January 2015
Category Early Reader


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