Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver

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I think that Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver is a very creative and interesting book. It is about an eleven-year-old named Dewey. He has a small business where other kids can come to him when their parents have problems, and he gives the kids advice on how to solve the problem. For example, he helped a kid who has a father who wouldn’t stop playing horrible pranks on him. He has also helped a kid who has a mother who was so clingy and overprotective that she wouldn’t even let her child cross the street or go to class on her own! His business is very successful since his advice always works!

Dewey is really good at dealing with parents, but he soon finds out that everything is about to change. He found out that his father planned on moving to Alaska! Dewey has a lot of experience with parents and is used to dealing with them, but he has never had to deal with his own! It always seems different when something happens to you instead of others, but this case is actually slightly different than his other cases. One thing that is different is that he has never had to actually meet or talk to other kids’ parents since he just gives the advice. Dewey now has to figure out how to stop his father from moving them to Alaska!

Dewey Fairchild: Parent Problem Solver was very different. Most books with this kind of concept of someone giving advice to other people usually aren’t like this. Most books like that are about parents giving advice to help other parents with their kids and sometimes even people with their pets! However, I have never read a book with a kid giving advice to other kids to help solve their parents’ problems! Oh, how the tables have turned! That has to be one of the most clever ideas for a book I have ever seen! The best part is that the outcome was so amazing! I loved the plot twist, the characters, and the light moments of comedy throughout the story. I also love how, within the whole concept, it still stayed a children’s book. Most books with this concept of advice and solving problems aren’t generally for kids. This one, however, stayed kid-friendly and interesting enough for kids to want to read it. Overall, it was a great book!

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Author Lorri Horn
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 252 pages
Publisher Amberjack Publishing
Publish Date 2017-Aug-01
ISBN 9781944995164
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Issue July 2017
Category Tweens


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