Detective Gordon: The First Case

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Detective Gordon, a toad, is trying to find the thief who stole the squirrel’s nuts. He sits outside the squirrel’s nut tree, but all he sees is a little hungry mouse named Buffy. She isn’t the real thief, so he makes her a policewoman because he needs an assistant. They make some bait to catch the thief. But, the squirrel whose nuts had been stolen takes the bait nuts, so they put him in the jail for an hour. Then, they see someone by the window. They follow him, but the real thieves don’t want to be arrested, so they sit in their tree and hammer sticks across the entrance. Buffy runs around and gets them to throw nuts out at her. When they throw out the exact number of nuts they had stolen, they are already locked in!

I liked the pictures that are in this book because they are very pretty and funny. They really helped me understand what was going on in the story. The book is easy to read and it is pretty short, and I liked that this is a mystery book. Children who like mysteries will like this book .

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Author Ulf Nilsson, Gitte Spee, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Gecko Press
Publish Date 01-Mar-2015
ISBN 9781927271490
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Issue March 2015
Category Tweens


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