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Deeplight is a great fantasy story about a fifteen-year-old boy trying to save his friend. Hark lives in an ocean kingdom where the gods are dead. Nobody knows why, but the gods turned on each other. Hark and his friend Jelt live on the streets and take care of each other. However, while they are doing a job for a smuggler, Hark is captured and sold as an indentured servant. Now he must take care of the old priests, who once kept the peace between the gods and the people of Myriad.

Jelt eventually finds Hark, and they attempt to salvage some godware, the leftover remains of a god, but Jelt nearly dies. Hark discovers one thing that could save him: the heart of a god. It works, but Hark notices that the heart changes people and that others are trying to find it. However, he is determined to save his friend, and he won’t let anything get in his way.

This book is very well written, and I really enjoyed it. I really liked all of the different submarines and diving bells. I recommend this book for young adults who like fantasy stories.

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Author Frances Hardinge
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 432 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 2020-04-14
ISBN 9781419743207
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Issue July 2020
Category Young Adult


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