Crash! The Cat

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A cat named Crash likes crashing into things. His family is worried. The vet says he’s fine, but the family isn’t so sure. They think he needs glasses. I don’t think he would like that. I guess he just likes doing it. Even if you have a crazy cat, I doubt it’s as crazy as this. I like looking at how things look after Crash has rammed into them. He gets stuck in a drum, smashes into a cake, and splatters paint everywhere. One of my favorite pictures shows Crash running and the basket of clean laundry is falling behind him because he’s crashed into it.

This book is good for big kids because the words and the pictures are funny. It’s also great for little kids because you can understand it by looking at the pictures, without having to read it. It sounds like it would be fun to have a crazy cat, but also a lot of work. If you like cats, crashing into things, cats crashing into things, or none of the above, you will like this book.

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Author David McPhail
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Holiday House
Publish Date 2016-Sep-12
ISBN 9780823436491
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Issue December 2016
Category Children's


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