Cosas de Bruja (Spanish Edition)

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Everyone has something about themselves that they wish to change. In Cosas de Bruja, the witch is unhappy with her “blue fairy” hair. Nobody will believe she is a witch with that appearance. She would much rather have a “blood red” or “snot green” color. When countless color-changing potions fail, the witch must find a different way to prove she can be witchy.

Mariasole Brusa most likely intended this book to appeal to younger children or any age novice Spanish readers such as myself. With the occasional help of google translate, this short picture book should be fairly easy to get through.

In the end, the witch realizes that her natural features are beautiful and she doesn’t need to prove her worth. An important lesson for all ages told along with funny and vivid pictures.

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Author Mariasole Brusa
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher NubeOcho
Publish Date 11-Aug-2020
ISBN 9788417673598
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Issue January 2021
Category Children's


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