Confessions of an Imaginary Friend: A Memoir by Jacques Papier

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This book is called Confessions of an Imaginary Friend. It is about a boy named Jacques and his sister Fluer. They shared everything together and not had one single argument. But Fluer had never told Jacques that she had an imaginary friend. A few days later, Jacques felt like he was imaginary too. When she was doing a puppet show with her dad, she made the puppet grab a frying pan and hit herself with it. Then Fluer sneaked out at night and went to the zoo. After that, she climbed into a gorilla cage. Good thing she climbed into the cage with a deaf and blind gorilla. When Fluer’s parents came to the police station,, they found Fluer in a blanket drinking hot chocolate. The police said,”Good thing she climbed into the cage with a deaf and blind gorilla.” Then Jacques became imaginary too. After that, he met someone imaginary too. His name was Stinky Sock. Then he met a rollerskating cowgirl. She said that the girl who imagined her said that she is too old for skates. A few weeks later, Jacques met a boy named Bernard. At school, they were playing dodge ball. And Bernard always hides in the bushes. And Jacques saw some girls who were talking the whole time. Then Bernard hit the girl with freckles. Right in her face. She had to go to the nurse. Then Bernard walked quietly into the room while Jacques was peeking through the window. Jacques had to improvise as they went along. Bernard said,” Should I apologize then?” Then the girl said,” Are you asking me?!”

Confessions of an Imaginary Friend is a good book for kids who like short chapters and imaginary friends. Perfect for 8-12 year olds.

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Author Michelle Cuevas
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 176 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 08-Sep-2015
ISBN 9780525427551
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Issue October 2015
Category Tweens


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