Codename Zero (The Codename Conspiracy)

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Codename Zero is a spy novel. It is about a boy named Carson who pulls pranks at school. In the middle of one of his pranks a “mysterious dude” comes and gives him a small package to deliver to “Mr. Jensen” – but not to open it. The box has top-secret information inside and will self-destruct in forty-five hours if you open it. Carson opens it.

This book is filled with adventure. For example, Carson goes to the circus and gets captured by the bad guys while he is trying to save his friend, Olek, from a dangerous situation. There is some violence, with guns, torture, and people getting knocked out a lot, but no one ever gets killed.

This is my new favorite book. It has a lot of humor and flavored milk is a recurring theme. It also misleads the reader, as things are not always what they seem. It is a very good story – the kind that keeps you up past your bedtime to find out what happens next.

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Author Chris Rylander
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 368 pages
Publisher Walden Pond Press
Publish Date 2/4/2014
ISBN 9780062120083
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Issue March 2014
Category Tweens


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