City of the Yeti

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Living just outside of Lakhnau, India, fourteen-year-old Danny Hawthorne and his younger sister Rachel have no idea of the opinion held by native Indians towards British impositions, such as themselves. While exploring the streets of Lakhnau—or Lucknow as the British call it—the siblings find themselves under attack from a mob, protesting British rule in India. Thanks to their guide, Kumar, Danny, and Rachel escape relatively unharmed. However, later that night, their parents, John and Virginia, decide to move from India back to England in order to prevent any potential injury that Danny and Rachel might receive from other mobs.

Before they leave Asia for good, John decides to plan a trip to Nepal, in the hopes of finding Professor Philip Hawthorne, Danny and Rachel’s grandfather, who had mysteriously disappeared while on an expedition to scale Mount Everest.

Once in Nepal, while finding clues as to Philip’s location, Danny becomes engrossed in the legend of the Yeti, hoping to find out the truth on his trip. On a horseback-riding trip over to a town where Philip might have been seen, Danny and Rachel become separated from their parents. During this time, they find themselves in the care of the Sramana, the truth behind the legend of the Yeti, while their parents search frantically for them with the help of the British military.

Will Danny and Rachel be able to reunite with their parents and prevent the destruction of the Sramana?

City of the Yeti contains action-filled scenes, merged with fantasy motifs and historical background, creating a well-developed storyline that readers will enjoy. The main protagonist, Danny, provides clear narrative that progresses the story along; however, for a fourteen-year-old character, Danny seems a bit too mature and almost adult-like given his situation. For those interested in a fantasy novel, City of the Yeti’s main storyline does follow a fantasy theme, but can sometimes be detracted from due to the subplot of overcoming oppression and maintaining cultural integrity. Overall, this novel will pique the interest of all Young Adult readers interested in the fantasy genre.

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Author Robert A. Love
Star Count 4/5
Format eBook
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher MATADOR
Publish Date 04-Jan-2016
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Issue March 2016
Category Young Adult


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