Chronically Dolores

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Chronically Dolores is an entertaining and realistically heartwarming story. In Chronically Dolores, a fiction book by author Maya Van Wagenen, the protagonist is a fourteen-year-old, disabled high school girl. Dolores struggles to control her interstitial cystitis ( IC for short). Her doctor reassures her the disability is not life-threatening. But her IC is threatening her social life, especially after she wets herself during exams, trips and falls, and is taken to the hospital. Her best friend ghosts her and she is teased by her class. During the summer, Dolores meets Terpsichore, an autistic kid. This is a beautiful story about getting used to who you are, meeting new people, and forming friendships. Certain parts slow down the pace of the story in ways I don’t like, such as the flashbacks, and certain dialogue. I think this is an excellent book for disabled kids, with both physical and mental disabilities. This would be a valuable book to have in an individual house, but would not make sense to teach in a classroom because the content is too specific and emotionally charged. Chronically Dolores/ is a great book for kids nine years to fourteen years of age.

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Author Maya Van Wagenen
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Penguin Young Readers Group
Publish Date 26-Mar-2024
ISBN 9780525426820
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Issue May 2024
Category Children's