Choose Your Own Adventure Eighth Grade Witch

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Eighth Grade Witch is a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) graphic novel. I was excited that it was a graphic novel, because I had never read a CYOA book in this format before! In this story, Rabbit is the child of demonologists who have just moved to a house in Graves End. The local coven is obsessed with the haunted house where Rabbit’s family lives. Do the witches want Rabbit or does her house hold their secrets?

As the story begins, Rabbit accidentally switches backpacks with Astrid and realizes that she is part of the coven. This leads her on a series of adventures, which include tracking down witches, finding a secret passage into a ritual chamber, and freeing trapped spirits. The adventure is, of course, up to the reader!

This book was good lunchtime reading, because it was light, fun, entertaining, and easy. Although they didn’t bother me, some parts when people die are rather graphic, such as when people are ripped in half by zombies, so be aware for younger or more sensitive readers. Overall, I would definitely recommend this story to anyone who enjoys an exciting reading journey!

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Author Andrew E.C. Gaska
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 144 pages
Publisher Oni Press
Publish Date 24-Aug-2021
ISBN 9781620109410
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Issue November 2021
Category Tweens