CHIZI’S TALE: The True Story Of An Orphaned Black Rhino (H)

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Chizi is an orphaned black rhino in the story that is rescued by some nice people who want to care for him. The story says that we don’t know what happened to Chizi’s mom, but that he somehow got separated from her which is really sad, but it’s great the a family takes him in. The family takes him home where they feed him. They have to hurry to fetch a bucket when Chizi lifts his leg to go potty, but they don’t always make it. They coax him outside with a banana and the young girl dresses him up like a unicorn, but he shakes off the cape. When they take him for a walk, they hide to make him start running since he’s slow. They watch him grow and find him very useful. Sometimes they use him as a desk. Eventually, they have to let him go back to the wild.

This is a cool story and it is non-fiction. At the end of the book are pictures of the real family and Chizi. Also there is information about the group called Tusk who help protect black rhinos and there are facts about the black rhinos too.

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Author Jack Jones, Jacqui Taylor, Jacqui Taylor: Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Keras
Publish Date 08-Sep-2014
ISBN 9780692220429
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Issue November 2014
Category Children's


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