Champion of the Titan Games (Dragonwatch)

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Champion of the Titan Games is a great adventure story about a boy trying to reclaim his lost memories. This is the fourth book in the Dragonwatch series and is very well written. In this book, Seth, one of the main characters, is working with some of his friends to try to get his memories back from the demon Humbuggle. At the same time, Kendra, who is Seth’s sister, along with more of Seth’s friends are looking for him and trying to find a way to stop a dragon army, led by Celebrant. Seth decides to learn more about the Titan Games, a dangerous gladiatorial competition that is run by Humbuggle. After making some new friends, Seth must decide if getting his memories back is worth what it might cost.

I really enjoyed this book, it was very interesting. It was filled with many different types of giants, dragons, and trolls. The way that the magical world is set up in this book was also really cool. I would recommend this book to kids in junior high and high school, especially if they like fantasy or adventure stories.

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Author Brandon Mull
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 544 pages
Publisher Shadow Mountain
Publish Date 2020-Oct-13
ISBN 9781629727882
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Issue February 2021
Category Tweens


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