CatStronauts: Digital Disaster (CatStronauts (6))

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Waffles, Pom Pom, Blanket, and Major Meowser gets invited to the new Space Hotel to make sure it is safe. They are joined by their new Kitten pals who follow them around in case they get lost. I thought it was funny when Major Meowser’s Kitten pal asks him a lot of questions on the space ship. When they arrive at the space hotel, they meet a hologram name AVA. AVA serves them all dinner, and I like how they are all eating sushi. I love sushi! AVA gets jealous of Cat-stro-bot because he can go anywhere he wants, but she also wants to help the robot to be free from the CatStronauts. The robot starts acting all weird, and AVA’s gone missing. The CatStronauts have to save the robot and AVA before they take over the hotel. I like how in this story they give the CatStronauts buddies in case they get lost in the hotel. My favorite character is Waffles because he loves food, and he eats a lot of it! I recommend this book to kids who like graphic novels or kids who like stories about space or cats. 

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Author Drew Brockington
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 192 pages
Publish Date 8/4/2020
ISBN 9780316451277
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Issue October 2020
Category Children's


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