Castaway Strangers

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A group of humans get taken from Earth and transported to a new planet, ten at a time. It is a planet where humans can start from new. Oliva knows exactly what she wants to do, and she has lots of ideas. She wants to live with nature, not battle it. But lots want to go back to living like they did on Earth, and it’s almost impossible to get anybody to cooperate due to their leader, Jeff, spreading lies and rumors, turning everybody against her. Jeff wants to build a humongous city, one where he can control everything. He wants to have the whole planet under his control.

Finn and Scott, Olivia’s friends, are trying to help her, but they are all so focused on Jeff that they don’t realize there’s something worse in the jungle that could kill them all… just like the ones before them.

I thought this story was really interesting. I really liked the characters and how Olivia wants to make a village where they can live alongside nature. I also enjoyed reading about the new planet. I didn’t like all the romance in the book, but I still enjoyed reading it.

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Author Starr Green
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 222 pages
Publisher Earthy Info
Publish Date 23-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781955561020
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Issue March 2022
Category Young Adult