Cartboy Goes to Camp

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Hal is called “Cart Boy” because he has a cart. He carries things in it. His daddy picked his camp. It’s a history camp. They get to practice bow and arrow on a squirrel silhouette. (Hal almost hit the other guy’s target. The squirrel said, “Bummer.”) They cut trees to make canoes. (Hal did it fine, but he got his axe stuck.) Hal did good on beadwork. He did totally bad on the tug-of-war. (You know what would have been really funny? If he did a face plant instead of landing on his stomach.) The kids don’t get stars for what they do. They get pilgrim hats. One of Hal’s friends farts a lot. Farting is so popular in this book. Ryan, a bully, is at the camp too. He does bully stuff. Hal likes doing the beads and digging for treasure. Will anyone get the treasure? Read the book to find out. I like the timelines and the bear pictures. (Head-to-toe lice guy on the timeline is funny.) I wish there were pictures of what was actually happening. I could read this book myself.

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Author L.A. Campbell
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Starscape
Publish Date 10-Jun-2014
ISBN 9780765333278
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Issue August 2014
Category Tweens


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