Bucky and Stu vs. the Mikanikal Man

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Bucky and Stu are two friends who like to pretend that they were superheroes in a movie. They fought Baddie Boxman, and Hose-Nose, and TrashMan. And they were about to defeat Phat Tyre when Stu was hungry. They went in to lunch and Stu ate a ton of stuff (Bucky ate not that much). After lunch, Bucky showed Stu a robot he was making with his uncle, but it needed a power pack. It stormed that night and the robot came to life because of lightning, and now Bucky and Stu had a real enemy to fight, named Mikanikal Man!

This book is kind of boring. Bucky and Stu just keep talking about saving their favorite TV show and fighting the bad guys. They have lots of silly superhero moves they keep doing. But it is fun to see the pictures of the villains they think about and pretend are real so they can fight them. I don’t really like the pictures that much though. I was glad that they were able to work things out with the Mikanikal Man at the end.

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Author Cornelius Van Wright, Cornelius Van Wright, Illustrator
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Nancy Paulsen Books
Publish Date 28-Jul-2015
ISBN 9780399164279
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Issue September 2015
Category Children's


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