Britfield and the Lost Crown

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Britfield and the Lost Crown is an adventure starring two orphans in modern-day England. When the book begins, the two orphans are in a corrupt orphanage called Weatherly. The orphans, who are named Tom and Sarah, are very good friends and soon begin to plan an escape. However, not everything goes as planned, and an orphan-catching detective is immediately sent after them to prevent the owner’s corrupt business from being discovered. Detective Gowerstone, who is the detective sent after the duo, is a professional orphan-catcher. We soon discover that the one case this detective was never able to solve has a mysterious relationship to Tom’s family.

The two orphans travel all over England, from Oxford to London, as well as stopping by at Windsor Castle. While stopping by at Oxford, they befriend Professor Hainsworth, who later proves himself crucial for their evasion of the detective. With the help of the professor, Tom and Sarah soon learn that Tom may be part of the long-lost Britfield family that once had a claim to the English throne. This book is full of action, including a daring escape from the orphanage and adventures in a hot air balloon, and suspense as Tom and Sarah do their best to find Tom’s family before they are caught.

With a story full of life-threatening situations, including a professional assassin is sent to capture them by all means and a surprise twist ending involving the detective’s true motives, this book is like no other. The characters all complement each other with their skills, including Tom’s bravery, Sarah’s trickery, and Professor Hainsworth’s intelligence. This is an easy-to-follow and thrilling story. As the overseers at Weatherly Orphanage are constantly sending threats to stop the runaway children, the story is constantly evolving and introducing new characters and themes. This book also has an extra level of realism with real-life locations that include Hyde Park and other tourist destinations in England. I would give this book five stars to readers who enjoy fantasy, royalty, and a bit of English history.

Author C.R. Stewart
Star Count 5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 394 pages
Publisher Devonfield Publishing
Publish Date 2019-08-15
ISBN 9780062381781
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Issue April 2019
Category Tweens


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