Body Bones

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Ever wanted to know about bones? This book has the answers to all your questions! Our bones have many different jobs. They support you and protect your organs. A full grown human has 206 bones that are made of layers. On the outside of the bone is a white-ish layer that is the bone’s “skin”. Under that is compact bone which is hard. The next layer is spongy bone, which makes bones light. The innermost part of the bone is the marrow, the part that makes red blood cells. Animals have bones, too. These bones are suited to the animals’ habitats. For example, birds have hollow bones that are more suitable for the bird to fly. Teeth are bones covered with enamel, the hardest thing in the human body! When you are fully grown, you have 32 teeth. To take care of your bones, eat foods rich in calcium. Your bones have an important job, so take care of them!

I would recommend this book to kids who want to know more about bones or like the human body. I loved this book because I learned new stuff about skeletons. I really loved the illustrations, especially the horse’s photo with its skeleton shown on top.

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Author Shelley Rotner, David White, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 31 pages
Publisher Holiday House
Publish Date 01-Jul-2014
ISBN 9780823431625
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Issue October 2014
Category Children's


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