Betty Goes Bananas

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Betty is a gorilla and she wants to have a banana. But she doesn’t know how to open it so she cries, and she sniffs, and screams and kicks, but that doesn’t open the banana. Finally she calms down, and then Mr. Toucan comes and shows her how to open it, but then Betty gets mad because she wanted to open it herself. Then the banana breaks and she screams and cries again. But then she finally eats it and it is delicious! But then she sees another banana, so Mr. Toucan leaves because he doesn’t want to hear her scream again!

I don’t like this story at all because Betty is so naughty and gets mad about everything instead of talking nicely. That isn’t very fun, but I am not like her because I am nice and don’t throw a fit about everything. But it is funny to see how Betty gets mad and screams about everything and the pictures are funny and Betty is very silly, so I like to read this story again.

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Author Steve Antony
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Schwartz & Wade
Publish Date 23-Dec-2014
ISBN 9780553507614
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Issue February 2015
Category Children's


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