Benji & the Giant Kite

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Benji & The Giant Kite by Alan C. Fox is about a boy named Benji who loves kites so much. He used a lot of money to buy a lot of kites. Sometimes the wind droops down and so does his kite. That means it’s a bit of a waste of money for him. Then one day there was a boxed kite at the store. Benji wanted to try it, so he bought it. The box kite crashed into a tree when he flew it. Then he went back to the store and was suggested a diamond-shaped kite–it was the biggest kite that Benji had ever seen. Benji wanted it, but he had spent all his money on all the other kites. So Benji worked in his mother’s garden to have enough money to buy the kite. Then he had enough for the diamond-shaped kite. Then he ran to the beach to fly the kite, and it worked out pretty well. His family members could hold the twine, and they took turns to fly the kite. Benji let go of the kite because he thought it needed to go back to where it belonged–back to the sky.

I think it’s right to put things back where they belong. Sometimes you love things so much, you need to let them go. Only sometimes you need to let things go (like a pet). Here Benji let a kite go. After reading the story, it made me feel happy and sad because Benji worked very hard for the kite, but then he let go of his kite. I feel like I should let my kite go, but I don’t really know if I should. I also know how Benji feels when he keeps wasting his money on the other kites that get ruined. I’ve never read other books about somebody loving something so much and letting it go. Benji will remember that kite. It’s a little sad because the last picture was a little sad. I like the illustrations because I like the way Eefje Kuijl did Benji’s pants and hair because they’re all shiny. I recommend this book to kids, especially kids who like kites.

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Author Alan C. Fox
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Clavis Publishing
Publish Date 2018-Aug-14
ISBN 9781605374031
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Issue August 2018
Category Children's


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