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Hi. My name is Faith. I just finished a book called Benjamin Franklin: HUGE Pain in my %$#@! It is about a boy named Franklin. But he likes to be called Ike. In class, they have an assignment. They have to write a letter to some dead guy in history. Ike got Ben Franklin. When he sent the letter, Ike got a letter back. Ike was surprised that Ben Franklin saw his letter. Ike wondered if the letters time traveled.

A few weeks later, a girl named Claire Wanzandae called Ike and asked if he wanted to have a party. Ike said he couldn’t leave his little sister Carolyn alone, so Claire suggested that Ryan come over and sleep in his bed so his parents would think it was Ike. Ryan said okay. When Ike got there, no one else was there. So Ike drunk two non-alcoholic beers. And that’s when everybody else came. When Claire came, she said Ike was acting a little strange. A few moments later, Ike threw up on Claire. She started screaming. Then someone heard the scream and they thought it was murder. So they called the police. Then the police took Ike home. And then Ike got grounded.

Dirk the Jerk, Ike’s stepfather, said he should do some yard work which was easy for him to say. He was watching the Eagles game all afternoon. Ike got sick. He couldn’t go to school. Claire was wondering where he was.

When he was all better, he asked his mom if he could go to school that way he could catch up on any late school work. His mom was happy, but he wanted to see Claire. When she came, she was happy to see Ike. A day later, Ike told Claire that Ben Franklin saw her letter. Claire was surprised. Then Ike and Claire sent a care package to Ben. Then Ike tried to send himself to Ben. He wanted to see if the letters time traveled. If you want to find out if Ike made it, read Benjamin Franklin: Huge Pain in my @#$ .

I give this book three stars. Kids ages 10 to 13 should read this book.

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Author Adam Mansbach, Alan Zweibel
Star Count 3/5
Format Hard
Page Count 208 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 08-Sep-2015
ISBN 9781484713044
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Issue September 2015
Category Tweens


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