Batpig: When Pigs Fly (Batpig, 1)

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Gary is a perfectly normal pig… until the day a radioactive bat bites him and gives him superpowers. Now he’s Batpig, with the duty of defending his city. Only one of his best friends, a bat named Brooklyn, knows his secret. Too bad his other best friend, Carl the fish, can’t keep a secret for longer than four minutes. Now Gary’s stuck with everyday superhero duties like stopping litter and rude language and keeping up with his friendships. And there’s the occasional apocalyptic threat, like a giant evil lizard and a psychopathic butcher. Can Gary manage to be a proper superhero and still hold onto his friends?

This was a funny and cute book! While the book could seem like it’s meant for a younger audience, kids of all ages can enjoy it, as there are elements of humor geared toward both older and younger children. I liked the relationships between Gary and his friends. They (as well as a lot of the stuff they get up to!) are instantly relatable. All three of them were fun to read about for different reasons, and they all made their marks as unique characters. I will look forward to more about Batpig!

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Author Rob Harrell
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 240 pages
Publisher Dial Books
Publish Date 09-Nov-2021
ISBN 9780593354155
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Issue January 2022
Category Sequential Art