Autumn Rose: A Dark Heroine Novel

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Autumn isn’t a typical teenager. She’s a Sage, an outcast, and human guardian for Kable Community College, where she must protect the humans from Extermino’s rogue Sages, whose attacks have increased. When out of the blue, another sage, Prince Fallon, shows up at the school for an unknown reason, she is not only perturbed as to why nobody told her, but outraged how the other students so easily dismiss their dislike for sages while cooing at his feet. As events start spiraling out control and the term Seer is thrown in the mix, Autumn can’t help but just wanting to be human. Is that too much to ask?

Within the first thirty pages you get the feeling you are reading a Harry Potter meets Twilight fan fiction novel. You have magic, vampires, multiple dimensions, and teenage drama, which can be a bit much, however, the characters aren’t all too involved and the story maintains a pleasant pace throughout the entire book while offering readers a unique spin on the fantasy genre. Autumn Rose is a sequel and should definitely be read prior to this book or you might find the story a bit dry and lacking important characters from the previous story. Overall, the story was good, but I have mixed feelings about it being a good standalone book.

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Author Abigail Gibbs
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 400 pages
Publisher William Morrow
Publish Date 28-Jan-2014
ISBN 9780062248756
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Issue July 2014
Category Young Adult


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