Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and War (Tales of Great Goddesses)

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Do you like stories of ancient Greeks? Do you study their Gods and Goddesses? If so, then this book is perfect for you!

Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and War is an amazing story about the many adventures of the Greek Goddess Athena and how she often helps human beings in need. Did you know that Athena was born by jumping out of Zeus’ head?! I bet you didn’t know that! Athena was also the goddess that helped Perseus kill Medusa. Medusa was a gorgon with snakes for hair. If anybody looked into her eyes they would turn to stone and die. Perseus knew that he could not defeat Medusa alone so he went to Athena, the wisest goddess of all, and asked if she could give him any ideas to kill Medusa. She definitely had ideas. Guess what? It worked! As gratitude for her help, Perseus gave Athena the head of Medusa and Athena put it on her shield. She was truly awesome!

Athena was a brave and fearless goddess that loved to help humans. Even though the elder gods and goddesses didn’t always like it, Athena always did what she thought was best. This book was informational with lots of great pictures. It is a graphic novel that keeps you wanting to learn more as you turn each page. It makes you want to read the book from cover to cover in one sitting! I really enjoyed Athena: Goddess of Wisdom and War and I think you will too!

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Author Imogen Greenberg
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 96 pages
Publisher Amulet Books
Publish Date 22-Jun-2021
ISBN 9781419748592
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Issue July 2021
Category Tweens