Animal Planet Chapter Books: Dolphin Rescue

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Dolphin Rescue is a book about siblings Maddie and Atticus and their problem-solving skills. Maddie and Atticus live on the coast of Maine. Their family business is trapping lobster and volunteering in the local aquarium. One day their neighbor Mrs. Grady knocked on their door and complained about the trash spilled all over her lawn. Maddie and Atticus cleaned it up, even though Atticus doesn’t like to clean. Then they went to the aquarium and Maddie earned a shark-tooth necklace. Next, they went to the dock and saw more trash spilled. They cleaned it up, and while they were cleaning, they saw their cousin Zach. They were talking and suddenly Zach’s dog, Norville, bounded toward him and knocked him in the ocean, but a dolphin saved Zach by pushing him into shallow water. The next morning, they went to the cove to look for more dolphins. Suddenly they heard a high-pitched whistle. Maddie said, “It’s a dolphin.” A baby dolphin was stuck in fishing ropes. With their problem-solving skills, they save the dolphin. My favorite character is Maddie, because she is helpful. If you are an animal lover and want to know who the trasher is and how they save the baby dolphins, then read this book.

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Author Animal Planet • Catherine Nichols
Star Count 5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 112 pages
Publisher Animal Planet
Publish Date 14-Feb-2017
ISBN 9781618934178
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Issue March 2017
Category Early Reader


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