Angel Fever

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Life when you’re on the run and made a fugitive by your own father sucks…big time. But, for seventeen-year-old Willow Fields, it’s fine…not perfectly fine, but fine nonetheless. At least as long as she knows that her boyfriend (Alex Kylar) and Sebastian Carrera, a fellow half-angel, are still alive and kicking, that’s good enough for her. That is, when she’s not thinking about all the tremors and what happened in Mexico City, and all the messages sent out by her father, Raziel, making her feel worse. The fugitives just need a chance to lie low, find some new recruits, and prepare to finally get rid of the angel menace.

This was a pretty good book. It might have been better if I’d read the first two books, since it was sometimes hard to figure out what was going on or what had already happened. But since I was jumping right into the third book, it was okay. Once I got the background stuff sort of sorted out, it got to be a lot more exciting. I’d really recommend that others read Angel Burn and Angel Fire before getting into this one.

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Author Weatherly, L.A.
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 496 pages
Publisher Candlewick
Publish Date 11/26/2013
ISBN 9780763656805
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Issue April 2014
Category Young Adult


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