Amphibians and Reptiles (Compare and Contrast Book)

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This book compares amphibians and reptiles, which are animals that live all around us. There are three types of amphibians, and four types of reptiles. Both types are cold blooded, which means they seek the warm sun often, and try to keep their skin moist. But there are a lot of differences. Amphibians’s eggs hatch in water, and they are often jelly-like. The hatchlings do not look like the adults they are going to be, when they are born. Reptiles’s eggs hatch in land, and when the hatchlings are born they resembles their adult shape much more closely.
Amphibians start breathing in water, then they grow up and start breathing in air. Reptiles breath in air form the moment they are born.
Amphibians have smooth, moist skin. Reptiles have dry scales on their skin. Both reptiles and amphibians can be very poisonous.

I loved learning about these animals and the pictures were very impressive! The part I like the most was the one teaching about poisonous snakes, I had never seen a picture of a snake showing its teeth and venom before.

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Author Katharine Hall
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Arbordale Publishing
Publish Date 10-Sep-2015
ISBN 9781628555516
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Issue November 2015
Category Children's


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