Amira Can Catch

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Amira Can Catch! is a fantastic and interesting book that I recommend for all ages, and I believe that it is a great book that can truly help readers get a better understanding of the refugee experience. Amita Can Catch! is about a young Syrian refugee who is learning to adjust to a new environment in the U.S.A. and discovers the sport of baseball to do that. Amira decides to paint her time in the Syrian refugee camp in somewhat of a sort of positive light, which definitely interested me and made me really think about how refugee camps affect different types of people. I definitely thought that this was such an important component of the book, mainly because it is so simplistic and can completely change your view on certain issues. The dialogue and wording were definitely much more believable than other picture books I have read, and the book clearly shows true emotion from the heart. The book outlines her journey, thoughts, and feelings and how baseball is used to make her more comfortable in the new transition. The book, a picture book, has a very simplistic and pristine touch in the drawing, words, and phrases used throughout. They are very simple and may seem “unfinished.” However, behind every word said and every single image presented throughout the book is a much deeper meaning and a much more clean and profound thought intention.

The plot is very invigorating, as it travels throughout so many locations and different types of scenery, which contributes to the great different settings the book presents. Relating to the setting, it was done in a predictable time period and era, and the author did a very, very good job of thinking about how to incorporate a modern setting that almost everyone can relate to in the book.

The drawings and images used will definitely keep readers hooked on the book because they are clean, well drawn, and are a gold standard of picture-book illustration. The drawings will keep kids entertained throughout the story. While I believe that the book is pretty childish for someone my age, it is definitely recommended for early readers and younger children—especially those just beginning to take their first steps in reading and literature. This book was solid throughout, and I enjoyed reviewing it very much.

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Author Kevin Christofora
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Trade
Page Count 41 pages
Publisher Clarens
Publish Date 2018-Apr-01
ISBN 9780986349331
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Issue March 2018
Category Children's


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