Alone in the Wild (The Oregon Trail)

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Alone in the Wild (The Oregon Trail) is a book full of suspense and adventure. This is a pick-a-path novel that lets you make your own choices that leads to different endings depending on your selection.

In 1849, you’re halfway through the trail and while traveling in your wagon train you see a river ahead. While you and your family are crossing it, a storm arrives, and you fall overboard!!! You wake up on a densely wooded riverbank and call out for help. After no one replies, you’re on your own, and you must rely on your survival skills.

Some of my favorite choices were whether to eat a rotten deer carcass, go with an experienced Indian girl, or survive on your own. Also, another thing I liked about the book was the illustrations. They were unique because they were pixelated and made to look like the old Oregon trail game. I even liked that it was mysterious when I didn’t know what choices were next and if I was going to survive or not! I did die a lot, once a pack of wolves killed me. I also liked that it kept me on my toes! I recommend this book to ages eight and up, or people who want to learn more about the Oregon trail, or if you just like history!

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Author Jesse Wiley
Star Count 4/5
Format Trade
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher HMH Books for Young Readers
Publish Date 19-Mar-2019
ISBN 9781328627179
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Issue July 2021
Category Early Reader