Ally-saurus & the First Day of School

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Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School is about a little girl named Ally, who imagines that she is a dinosaur. She likes to be called Ally-saurus. Ally-saurus goes to her first day of school, and she feels left out when some of the little girls don’t want her to sit with them at lunch, because they are princesses and she is a dinosaur. But then Ally-saurus meets other friends, who imagine they are a lion, a dragon, and one boy who just loves his lunch box. The kids all play together, and each imagine they are something different. The teacher takes the class to the library where they can pick out books and find different things to imagine.

I loved Ally-Saurus & the First Day of School because it was about using your imagination. One of my favorite parts was the illustrations. I liked that the kids were drawn, but in crayon, their imaginary creature was drawn over them. I loved the ending, when Ally-saurus woke up the next morning, and she was a bunny, after getting a book from the library about bunnies. I think other kids would really like this book, especially if they are going into kindergarten.

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Author Richard Torrey
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Sterling Children's Books
Publish Date 05-May-2015
ISBN 9781454911791
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Issue August 2015
Category Children's


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