Aggretsuko: Down the Rabbit Hole

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Meet Retsuko, a fox who needs to balance her life. She may just seem like a tired fox who overworks, but when Retsuko feels overwhelmed and angry, meet Aggretsuko, an aggressive fox who fights for her personal freedom. Aggretsuko stars in her own dramatic dream about being forced to work for her freedom, and not feeling like enough, despite the fact she works day and night. So when Retsuko goes on a vacation with her friends, her dream starts down the rabbit hole—where her need for life balance becomes more challenging and confusing. Will Retsuko find her freedom before she wakes up?

Aggretsuko: Down the Rabbit Hole is a good but very confusing book. For instance, Retsuko sometimes just appears in some places and grows and shrinks randomly. I know the whole book is about her dream, but it makes the book very confusing and hard to understand what’s going on. The art is very cute, though. My favorite character is Kabae the hippo because he teaches you how to cook omurice (omelet over rice) at the end of the book. Recommended for Aggretsuko fans.

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Author Patabot
Star Count 4/5
Format Hard
Page Count 88 pages
Publisher Oni Press
Publish Date 09-Nov-2021
ISBN 9781620109779
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Issue February 2022
Category Sequential Art