7 Ate 9

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This book made me laugh and also drove me crazy! It sounded like when my dad makes word jokes for me to figure out. It is called 7 ate 9, which if you pronounce out loud, sounds more like “7, 8, 9.” It is about an investigator, Private I, who is visited by 6. 6 is scared because 7 ate 9, and he’s pretty sure he’s next (he says 7 is “after” me, which is another joke, because of course 7 comes after 6). Private I tries to investigate, and a lot of funny things happen, like 8 taking its belt off and becoming 0. Nobody can see 9 anywhere…until Private I figures it all out! 6, turned upside down, is actually 9 in disguise! He made all the mess to get attention as he feels that 7 and 10 are more important. Private I convinces him that he is actually very important (cloud nine, nine lives, nine yards…), and everyone is happy and at peace with each other. The only one in trouble is Private I: his phone starts ringing again…2 is now asking for help. Private I feels like he wants to change his number.

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Author Tara Lazar • Ross MacDonald, Illustrator
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 32 pages
Publisher Disney-Hyperion
Publish Date 2017-May-16
ISBN 9781484717790
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Issue July 2017
Category Children's


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