3×4: TOON Level 1

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It’s about a little girl named Annemarie and her math assignment. Her teacher asks the class to draw twelve things, but in sets. The children ask, “Can I draw three sets of four?” or, “Can we draw 4 sets of three?” or even, “Can we draw 2 sets of six?” The answer is always, “It’s up to you!” So this book is not really a story. It’s about math and how to think about grouping and dividing things into sets. It’s the basic ideas of multiplication and division.

It’s a good book. Kids who like comic books will like this book. The drawing style is funny and matches the math story with the character’s round heads and lots of straight lines. The characters show that it’s fun to think about math ideas like sets and multiplication. It combines math and art. It’s a cute way to explain math, and it’s good for five- or six-year-old kids who are starting school. Maybe little kids who think they don’t like math will like it after reading this book!

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Author Ivan Brunetti
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 40 pages
Publisher TOON Books
Publish Date 2018-Sep-04
ISBN 9781943145348
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Issue December 2018
Category Children's


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