Children’s Book Week Short Story Contest: Kindergarten-3rd Grade Winner
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AmiraThe Odd Mr. Beaver

By Amira

Once upon a time there was a beaver named Harry Arnold Beaver, Mr. Beaver for short.

He is not a regular beaver because he shares a room with a bear. Well you could say Mr. Beaver likes everything perfect. He is a very tidy beaver. He is not like the grumpy deer in the Taco Stand. Nor he’s like the wolf howling every night nor the koala who is so fuzzy and loves to give hugs. He is a very neat and is always doing what he is told to do.

But Mr. Beaver thought that was all is about to change. One day Mr. Beaver was walking to work and then those weird teenagers as Mr. Beaver calls them. And they splashed him! So Mr. beaver had to go all the way home to get a new pair of socks and a new uniform. And he had to get his fur done again!  When Mr. Beaver got to work, he got a tardy pass and went straight to work. Then when he was walking back home he went to Stop ‘n Claws. When Mr. Beaver finished, he went home and talked to his friend Sharie McDuck. Mr. Beaver told Sharie about the teenagers, and how he got a tardy pass. She said “How about you relax while I give you a tiny makeover!” Mr. Beaver did not feel very good about that but he thought “Hmm what could go wrong?” So he agreed. He closed his eyes and Mr. Beaver got his fur done the third time! When he woke up, he felt like a new person. He promised himself he will get to work on time and not to let anything get to him.

So, what will happen to Mr. Beaver next?


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