Children’s Book Week Short Story Contest: 6th-8th Grade Winner
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MiriamThe Story of the Blue-Green Dragon and the Three Knights

By Miriam

Back in the time when penguins were called linguini, animals were not yet pets, and plants were kept in wooden pens, there was a young dragon named Marisol, who was out in the woods looking for some tasty little morsels of food. Suddenly she came across a darling little cottage, nestled among the flowers and trees. Marisol didn’t really appreciate how it looked. She muttered “How strange it is to have a house made of wooden beams and paint, when you could have a nice, cool, cave made of stone!” Still, she was curious to find out what was inside, so, as the door was locked, she slid down the chimney pipe and entered the house. Her huge tail knocked over all the chairs and smashed bits of the wall to the ground as she walked through the house.

The first room she found interesting was the kitchen.  It was full of interesting devices which she thought were for making food, but wasn’t quite sure. She found three wooden bowls laid out on a counter top, filled to the brim with berries and milk. Marisol was curious about them, and decided to taste them.  She began by tasting the biggest bowl.  She took one bite and immediately spat it out. “This is much too salty!” she said. Next she tried the middle sized bowl, but it was too sweet. Finally she tried the swallest bowl, but she said in disgust, “This is human food! Why would they eat plants when they could have perfectly good raw meat?”

Then Marisol went into the living room. In there she saw three couches and said “Couches are not my style– I would much rather prefer a nice diamond pillar to curl around, or sleep on top of a mound of gold and treasure.” And with that she burned the couches to a crisp. “Ha ha ha!” she said.

Marisol then went upstairs looking for a nice cool slab of stone to rest on, when she remembered the stone counter top in the kitchen. She had just come into the bedroom, when she decided that since beds were of no use to her either, she would just burn the ones in front of her (for she had a very destructive mind). Marisol soon went back to the kitchen after having some fun burning up all the beds. Leaving the smoking ashes behind her, she made her way down stairs.

On her way back down the stairs, she heard angry noises coming from the kitchen. Marisol went in and saw three knights standing at the counter arguing about who ate their food and wrecked their house. They turned around when she came in and drew their swords …. Marisol soon made herself comfortable on the counter, and just as she was about to fall asleep, Marisol thought “It is a good thing those knights were here, because if they weren’t, I would have gone hungry!” And with that thought in her head, Marisol fell fast asleep.


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