Children’s Book Week Short Story Contest: 4th-5th Grade Winner
On May 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

RachelThe Lonely Wizard

By Rachel

There once was a wizard who was like every other wizard, except, he was lonely. He decided to try making a pet. So first, he looked on his shelf and found the easiest pet recipe that was there. It was called ‘The Rabbit Recipe’. He loved his rabbit, but there was one problem: it wouldn’t stop gnawing on all his ingredients. So he gave it to someone who really appreciated it and knew how to take care of it. He found a little girl who had lots of carrots and a nice house and a soft hutch for the rabbit.

Next he tried to make a parrot. The parrot was smooth and very careful, but it sang very squawky songs so that the wizard couldn’t concentrate. It ruined his spells – a poison spell turned out to be a healing spell, and his cauldron fell off the shelf because of the sound waves. So he had to give the parrot to a boy who had nice high ceilings and who could train it to sing nice songs.

The wizard was very desperate for some company, so he decided to try again. This time he made a cat. The cat was nice and soft and meowed pleasantly, but it climbed on all his things and knocked everything over. It also kept catching his experimenting mice. He gave the cat to a woman that needed something to entertain her children.

He was about to give up, but he decided to try one last time. This time, he made a puppy. The puppy was cute, soft, and cuddly, and didn’t distract him while he was trying to do his work. So he decided to keep the puppy. He named it ‘Fluffkins’, and he wasn’t lonely anymore.


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